Tailor-made Insoles

Tailor-made Insoles

Tailor-made Insoles

If the prescribed foot orthotic cannot fit the needs, it is recommended to use tailor-made insole. For example, there may be huge differences between the arches or the angle of heel valgus.


The insoles are mainly used to fix the deformities from the heel and forefeet. It can be divided into

Rigid orthotics: Made of rigid materials to provide sufficient support for people with flexible feet and a higher range of motion.

Semi-rigid orthotics: Suitable for people participating in sports.

Our Tailor-made Insoles

Mod-17 Supportive

● Made of rigid materials
● Stronger support for the fallen arch
● Suitable for leather shoes or casual shoes.

Mod-18 Semi-flexible

● Made of flexible material
● Provides arch support and shock absorption.
● Suitable for sports shoes or casual shoes

Mod-19 Accommodative

● Made of soft, flexible and shock-absorbed materials.
● Absorb shock and reduce friction.
● Avoid foot injuries for diabetics.
● Suitable for diabetics, elderly or people with severe foot conditions

Mod-21 Slim Fit Design

● The insoles are thinner to be easily fit into the shoes with less room.
● Suitable for high heels or narrow-width shoes.

Heel lift insole

● Adding insert on the heel after doctor’s referral or diagnosis.
● Relieve the pain in the waist, legs, muscles or joints caused by leg length discrepancy.
● Suitable for people with leg length discrepancy or special needs

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