Established in 2001, Stabli Orthotic Services Centre is the subsidiary brand of Dr Kong. We aim to provide services for individuals with special foot conditions such as flatfoot, high-arch, knock knees or bow legs. Our services include detailed foot assessments , insoles and shoes according to the customer’s specific foot conditions.

Through 3D foot scanning, range of motion assessment and gait analysis, Stabli offers a detailed foot assessment to recommend suitable shoes and/or insoles for customers from different age groups. Wearing the insoles and shoes helps improve ankle stability and foot conditions. It can also relieve the pain caused by foot conditions.

  1. Product DiversificationOur service team is well-trained and well-equipped with foot orthotic knowledge and aim to provide professional foot care and orthotic services for every customer.
  2. Accurate AssessmentThe foot assessment includes 3D Full Foot Scanning and analysis device and a plantar pressure gait analysis device. These instruments allow for fast scanning and accurate analysis for our customers.
  3. Product Diversification
  • Our diversified products can satisfy the different needs of our customers.
  • We offer a series of orthotics insoles for children.
  • We offer a series of personalized orthotics insoles for adults.
  • For complicated foot conditions, we can offer custom-made shoes and insole services to meet more complex foot requirements..

Foot health is the key to your overall health but many of us ignore our foot health. We may ignore the importance of foot care and wearing shoes and insoles correctly. Stabli Orthotic Services Centre provides detailed foot assessments, children’s wrap around control shoes, prescribed foot orthotics, and tailor-made shoes and insoles based on foot orthotic theory. We aim to provide the most suitable foot care solutions for our customers, catering to their individual needs.

It is used to assess muscle elasticity, range of motion (ROM) in the major joints of the lower body, and the condition between the foot and leg.

  1. Clinical identification and evaluation of the ROM of the hip joint, knee and foot.
  2. Assessment of muscle elasticity and tension, and the differences between the length of the feet.
  3. Assessment of the foot structure between the feet and the calf when standing.
  4. Assessment of dynamic plantar foot pressure by gait analysis.

Foot function assessment is conducted to identify foot problems in individuals experiencing foot or lower limb pain. Through understanding and analysis, this assessment can help reduce the strain on the soft tissues of the lower extremities by utilizing foot care without medication, thereby alleviating the associated pain. The assessment scope includes:

  • Heel pain/ Plantar Fasciitis
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Hallux Valgus
  • Flat foot
  • High arched foot
  • Knee pain/ Patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • Calf pain/ Tibialis anterior tendonitis
  • Back pain
  • Knock knees
  • Bow legs

Based on the analysis obtained from the foot function assessment, the possible causes of foot problems are identified, and treatment plans are provided based on the evaluation results.

  • Prescribed foot orthotic(Off-the-shelf) Insoles:
    • After the detailed foot assessment, if the foot problems can be treated with mass-production insoles, we will prefer to help meet customers' needs with affordable and efficient mass-production insoles.
  • Custom-made(Tailor-made) orthotics:
    • Prescription custom-made insoles are specifically designed for individuals with joint dysfunction to realign the biomechanics of the lower limbs.
  • Physical therapy recommendations:
    • Increase muscle tone and elasticity through exercises.

Q1. Under what situations should my kid wear Wrap Around Control Shoes?

After completing the foot assessment in our shop, if we noticed there are foot conditions like serious flatfoot or heel valgus, we recommend a detailed foot assessment at our center. Our professional staff will analyze the foot condition and recommend the use of Wrap Around Control Shoes with suitable FTH children foot orthotic.

Q2. What are the differences between custom-made insole and off-the-shelf insoles?

Custom-made insoles are molded by trained technicians using models or 3D scanning technology to precisely fit the unique shape of an individual's feet. They provide tailored support for specific foot needs.

Off-the-shelf insoles are mass-produced using industrial manufacturing techniques, offering average quality and affordability, as well as convenience and accessibility.

After a detailed foot assessment, for common foot problems that can be addressed with off-the-shelf insoles, we prefer to recommend affordable and efficient options that meet the customers' needs.

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