Based on pedorthic theory, Stabli Orthotics Service Centre offers detailed foot assessment, FTH children foot orthotic, prescribed foot orthotic, tailor made insole and shoes.
We offer the most suitable footcare services with 
 5 steps.

1. Foot Type Analysis

Including foot joint mobility assessment, gait analysis, and defining the relationship between weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing parts of the foot.

2. Professional suggestions

Our well-trained staff explain your foot conditions and provide suggestions for footcare.

3. Select appropriate insole

We offer FTH children foot orthotic, prescribed foot orthotic and tailor made insole to satisfy different needs.

4. Insole Adjustment

The performance of the insole is checked when fitting the insole. The insole is trimmed to fit the shoe and adjustments will be made if necessary.

5. Regular follow-up

We send messages to inform our customers for regular follow-up.

Foot Scanning and Pressure Analysis System

3D Full Foot Scanning

Collect the following data in 15s
a- 30 partial weight-bearing data
b-20 weight bearing data
and construct 3D model automatically

Plantar Foot Pressure Assessment

  • Overall movement analysis
  • Real time foot pressure analysis
  • Gait cycle calculation
  • Gait analysis
  • Plantar foot pressure distribution

Foot Range of Motion(ROM) Assessment

There are slight variations in the structure of each person’s foot, such as the size of bone or articular surface integrity. ROM assessment allow us understand the variations and help provide better footcare support.

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