Prescribed orthotic insoles

Prescribed orthotic insoles

Prescribed orthotic insoles

Designed for common foot conditions.


High breathability
Micro-perforated materials


4 types of foot arch forms
Suitable for common foot arch types.


Enhanced foot stability
Added rigid shell and deeper heel cup


Improved foot comfort
Highly absorbent foam cushioning and heel aperture design, effectively cushioning the impact of walking surfaces


Personalized treatment
Tailored to different foot heights, with various accessories to enhance fit, stability, and alleviate discomfort

Insoles are designed according to the specific foot conditions. Wearing the insoles straightens the ankle and reduces joint and muscle strains.

Before(uncorrected biomechanics ) VS After(corrected biomechanics )

 Personalized insole

Insoles are fitted according to the assessment result.

Insoles are fitted based on the ROM assessment result. 10 components are available for extra needs if necessarys

Flat insole design
Provide different arch support, together with heel hole and soft padding, suitable for majority foot type.

With forefoot pad design
Compare with the flat one, metatarsal pad is built in to provide forefoot support to relieve pressure

With forefoot post design
Compare with the flat one, forefoot post is designed for people with more rigid structure.

High rebounded and cushioned insole
Compare with the flat one, high rebounded is designed for people with less flexibility.

4 types of arch support

There are 4 types of arch support for personalized insoles. Based on the assessment result, the insoles provide sufficient support to the arch and relieve the strains caused by overstretching the soft tissues from the sole. They can also relieve the pain from the foot and knee pain caused by over-rotation of the knee and stabilize the arch.

10 Components with different functions

10 components can be chosen and combined to use according to the needs to evenly distribute the pressure. The insole midlayer is made of elastic and perforated material which can absorb the shock from walking and help walk comfortably.


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