About Us

About Us


Established in 2001, Stabli Orthotic Services Centre is the subsidiary brand of Dr Kong. We aim to provide services for individuals with special foot conditions such as flatfoot, high-arch, knock knees or bow legs. Our services include detailed foot assessments , insoles and shoes according to the customer’s specific foot conditions.


We aim to serve our customers with professional knowledge, services, and meticulous care. We also raise the public’s awareness of foot care.

Our Services

Stabli and Dr Kong promote foot care in different ways.

Dr Kong focuses on providing basic footcare products and services, while Stabli offers designated and comprehensive foot care services, serving our customers with 5 characteristics.


Product diversification

We offer various products to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Sophisticated equipment

Our computerized procedures enable us to analyze foot conditions clearly and precisely.

Well-equipped with orthotic knowledge

Our staff are well-trained and well-equipped with foot care knowledge to provide professional foot assessment for our customers.

Competitive pricing

We offer products and services at affordable prices to promote footcare.

After-sales service

We provide free after-sales service for the insoles

Research Report

Research conducted by the university research centre reveals that, when children with flat feet wearing Wrap Around Control Shoes and FTH children foot orthotic , they tends to walk with gait without flatfoot. Consequently, walking with these shoes and insoles can alleviate foot fatigue and mitigate joint degeneration.

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